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Oooh, what lucky feelings. I’m still so close to Mwanza every day. But I thougt that time: out of seeing – out of mind, and as I know the african-culture: YES. So I arranged myself. But: it seems… what a honeur: I got a postcard from Bukoba (William&friends) in summer, I recevied several sms from Neema&Martin Kiseke; some from Juliana (Jadida) and Father George who wrote befor yesterday „Andrea, come to Tanzania, we need you!!“. Also befor yesterday it was Peter . „My mom (he found her after 25 years – in Mugumu – he is not an orphen, juheeeee!!!!!!! Many calls we had befor…) had an operation for a tumour – pole sana, sorry, tumour, I shoud not take this word in my mouth. Now, she still has pain. She should go to the hospital Bugando (Mwanza), a daytrip. I wanted to spend my blood (0) to the hospital (a litre gives 100’000 Ths). They told me, I dont have ennough blood. And my mom needs a taxi to moove to Mwanza.“ Peter. Not a lot, but I can send you some small money…. „NoNoNOOOO, Andrea, please, I dont ask you for money, please!! You gave me enough by supporting me to built the oven for baking bread. NonononNOOO, please, I dont wanna have anythîng from you. I talk to you because I would like to hear your advices/your direct opinions I’m asking you – they always helped me to go further. Not only this, I wanna thank you again and again and again for what you have to done to me and I wanna say sorry again and again what I have done to you badly in our time. Noooo money please.“ … The line cutted. I will see tommorrow if I send him some money. …. 100 francs every 5 months is not that much, right…. And always Peter surprises me with what he have done with it. In Masaba – I sent once 80 Swiss-Francs, he told me to have a bakery – 4 people employed; having/founding an pikipiki to expand – whole Masaba let thanks to me…

Every day Im still happy about my experiences in Mwanza – dont wanna miss it!!!! Inzwischen weiss ich auch, dass dieses Terrain mehr als eine ehrliche Family ist!! Echten wirklichen Freunden begegnet man auf der ganzen Welt, und auch wenn wann deren Sprache nicht kennt, folgt die Bestätigung umso tiefer!! Ein Lebensgefühl, das weder erfragt, noch gefragt auferlegt, noch irgendwelchen Zwängen (ich muss nicht, um zu …) entspricht und entsprechen will, sondern nur „Du bist da, und das ist gut!!!!“ Das ist MEIN!!! Und „JAA. ICH WILL!!“. Und ganz ehrlich, gezeigt wissen wir schon lange, wer&wann&wie&was und in welchem Umfang uns gut tut. Ich wünsche es euch Aaaalllllleeeen von Herzen in dem Masse, als dass es gerade vollkommen ist!! Buuussuuuuuuu, kwaheeerriiiii, Andreea Senene Pimpi Bubu 😉 🙂

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